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Royal Sumor Honey Acacia

Royal Sumor Honey Acacia

Directly From Bee Hive, Raw, Wild , Unpasteurized , Pure , Unprocessed , Uncolored , Additives Free, Class A++ and Finest Type of Sumor Acacia Honey

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Minimum order quantity 100 KG, Maximum 1 million Ton (1 Ton = 1000KG).
Quantities above 50 Ton is subject to availablity and subject to delivery in partials until completion.
Timeframe for bulk orders is 1-6 weeks depending on availablity and paperwork selected.

Royal Sumor Honey Acacia is one of the most expensive types of honey. Where the bees extract the nectar from the buds of acacia trees. This type of honey is characterized by a very dark red color (almost black) and has a pungent odour and can be stored for long periods, the longer the storage time the stronger the smell and the stronger taste is. However, its color changes to black. Royal Sumor Honey Acacia can be stored for three years and even longer, in a clean and dry place. It is worth mentioning that the sumor trees have the ability to live in saline, rocky and even coastal soil. Those trees have deep roots, which reach about 40 meters down. They also bear high temperatures and can withstand freezing temperatures at night. Honey produced of this tree is different, depending on the soil where the tree is located. It is worth mentioning that Oman produces the finest type of sumor in the world.  

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Sucrose: 1%
  • Production Date: 1 Feb 2019
  • Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2022

Customer Reviews

Poor Quality.

Posted by Al-Hallaj on Dec 30, 2019| Verified Purchase

I never expected to see this kind of quality. It is not original. Don't Buy. It looks and gives the taste of Sugar added water. Just touch it and you'll definitely make out that its not genuine Royal Sumor Acacia Honey.

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Absolutely Loved It!

Posted by Eden J. on Dec 13, 2019| Verified Purchase

Best reliable honey in the market I have used 10 bottles of different types like acacia, manuka and Sidr in 6 months it shows very positive indication on my skin. All kinds of honey are top quality... loved them absolutely!

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