1 Ton
Intensive Sal Honey

Intensive Sal Honey

Directly From Bee Hive, Raw, Wild , Unpasteurized , Pure , Unprocessed , Uncolored , Additives Free, Class A++ and Finest Type of Saal/Sall Honey

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Minimum order quantity 100 KG, Maximum 1 million Ton (1 Ton = 1000KG).
Quantities above 50 Ton is subject to availablity and subject to delivery in partials until completion.
Timeframe for bulk orders is 1-6 weeks depending on availablity and paperwork selected.

Saal honey is one of the most healing rare types of honey in terms of composition, reflecting the nature of its season. It is especially useful in the treatment of Flu, Cold, Bronchitis, and Asthma.  It should be mentioned that this honey is very much affecting the soar and causes the same effect made by chili spices. The burning feeling of the throat lasts only for 30 minutes then it disappears with all the bacteria from the infected areas. However, Saal honey should not be used for the little kids.

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Sucrose: 0.9%
  • Production Date: 1 Feb 2019
  • Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2022

Customer Reviews

Good Quality, Good texture and excellent taste

Posted by Nujoom Albudoor on Jan 02, 2020| Verified Purchase

I have been using honey as a replacement for sugar in many of my dishes at my restaurant for a while now. I usually order honey offline but I wasn't satisfied by the quality available in nearby stores so I started looking online and found this. It is quite costly but totally worth it. I prefer saal honey over others as it has more flavour and texture as compared to other raw honey types. It can be used in many different dishes and it really tastes good. I recommend this honey to everyone looking for a healthy replacement for sugar.

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