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Lemon Honey

Lemon Honey

Directly From Bee Hive, Raw, Wild , Unpasteurized , Pure , Unprocessed , Uncolored , Additives Free, Class A++ and Finest Type of Lemon Honey

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Minimum order quantity 100 KG, Maximum 1 million Ton (1 Ton = 1000KG).
Quantities above 50 Ton is subject to availablity and subject to delivery in partials until completion.
Timeframe for bulk orders is 1-6 weeks depending on availablity and paperwork selected.

Lemon honey is produced by bees that feed on flowers of citrus plants such as lemons, oranges, and others. This honey has a white, yellowish color and is very rich in vitamins. Lemon honey is an appetizer and very is useful in cases of Cold and Flu, especially for the treatment of Insomnia and Colic. Lemon honey is very common in the Mediterranean basin and, is generally characterized by light texture. And very much the best type of honey when it is used instead of sugar as the tastes of the coffee, latte or cappuccino remains the same as when using a plain sugar.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey Perfect Packaging Sucrose: 1% Production Date: 1 Feb 2019 Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2021

Customer Reviews

Good for health!

Posted by Faiza Khan on Dec 27, 2019| Verified Purchase

One of my favorite honey – Lemon honey. I love the taste and drink it with warm water. It’s very good for my health. Want more of it!

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