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Deceitful Use of the Geohoney Brand

We have recently come across the Geohoney brand name's tricked usage for various marketing, advertisement, various local outletsand sales of products belonging to firms other than Geohoney. Please refrain from addressing any such email or communications or avoid any such purchases.
In maximum scenarios, most communications indicating false usage of Geohoney name attempted the sale of goods over the Internet and even on certain outlets, usually where payments are demanded before delivering goods. Moreover, they accept only certain payment modes. In case you notice any such usage of Geohoney brand on any local stores or anywhere selling low or poor quality honey, immediately call on our contact number 97143300225 or send us an e-mail with images(if possible) on info@babarry.com and we shall not be backstepping to call legal actions against any such infringements with immediate effects. Please note that Geohoney never calls you or attempts to force you to make a payment elsewhere accept directly on the Geohoney website www.geohoney.com based on the actual prices depicted on the products. Moreover, our delivery partners never make any communications to ask or demand any details apart from addresses (only in case of doubts or difficulty finding delivery locations). Kindly note that if you have placed an order, you can verify the delivery by asking your name if they don't inform you prior and confirm the same by viewing your invoice. This security notice does not affect a consignee's obligation to pay shipping, customs, VAT, or similar charges, where these are properly payable at the time of delivery. Geohoney is a global website and belong to a global worldwide registered trademark, and is bound by legal terms and guarantees "No fraud" policies. Therefore, any fraud made on the company's name or anyhow, Geohoney is not responsible for any such mis happenings and shall not be liable for any payment or service provisions. If you have any queries regarding order placement or privacy, please visit www.geohoney.com and refer to the terms and conditions page and privacy policy page, regularly updated as per government norms.Please advise us on any such frauds for a proper action implementation against the culprits Please note that any misuse of Geohoney brand name shall be a serious issue and shall be traced for immediate legal procedures. Hence, the brands are advised to not misuse the trademarked images or logos or any other intellectual asset belonging to Geohoney. Geohoney shall not be responsible for any actions once the issue has been reported on our end.

Spam and Viruses

Please be advised that if you get an email or communication suggesting that Geohoney is venturing to deliver a parcel demanding you to open the email attachment for confirmation to affect delivery, this email is trickery to deceive you and contain computer viruses that might affect your privacy. Please do not open any such suspicious attachments. To confirm if a mail is authentic, you can always contact our customer care.

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