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All About Honey

Geohoney has issued a world's largest online encyclopedia about honey and bees for example:

Honey types , bee types , queen bees types , flowers, hives , bee products , trees and plants that attract bees the most , benefits of honey , terminologies and glossaries and ten of thousands of information and infographs just to help people to know more about this holy insect , THE BEE
Go to home page and click honey encyclopedia or just click here

Visit the very informative Geohoney infograph and read the types of honeybees and all about them in detail.

With each product you can find the description of the plants it is obtained from. Please check the specific honey page for further details.

Geohoney’s raw honey is generated and produced in special honey farms wherein proper care is ensured for both the bees and beekeepers. To know the full production process of Geohoney click here.

You can either visit the recipe section where the new tasty recipesare added frequently.

Please check the quality assurance document that helps us to ensure that only the best honey is delivered to you.

Please read a detailed blog that we have added on honey for diabetes in our daily blog section.

Yes, purest honey can help you boost your immunity which helps you fight the epidemics. You can also read our press release on corona virus practices here.

Please refer to our Geohoney infograph for detailed description on all such topics.

Yes, Geohoney is on Instagram, facebook, twitter, Tik-Tok and even Youtube; we are everywhere with all the recent updates about additions in products and discount offers.

We would request you to visit the warning section on the right-hand side of the product description. Please read carefully and visit a doctor to consult if necessary.

You can heat Geohoney as and when needed. However, we would suggest not to overheat the honey as it decreases the nutritional value. There are no other harmful consequences of heating honey.

Yes, there are multiple benefits of using the raw honey supplied by Geohoney. For your convenience we have compared the two and made a detailed description here.Please read.

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