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In the current scenario, we in Geohoney all are working in a dynamic and ever-changing field. The strategies of every business changes with the consumer and technology trends of the day. Geohoney, being a top pollination & Green tech company always looks for effective strategies that are well planned and have well defined milestones and objectives.

As WIPO registered company we feel more responsible to achieve our ultimate goals that’s serve mankind and our planet alike.

How We Evolved?

Geohoney’s founder, Mr. Basem Barry, is passionate about doing good to the planet and its species. Geohoney’s name itself means nature and bees. The company was established with a key motive of saving the bees and the environment and has been moving forward in achieving sustainable & green goals to make people healthier & the planet greener.

Who We Serve?

Bees & human welfare are our priority. There are many stories behind our evolution from a honey brand to now as a global environment, green tech, and pollination company. We serve only the bees, beekeepers, and humans, as they all play a significant role in protecting the planet.

How We Evolved?

Geohoney was started with a vision to grow in the marketplace not for their profit but the betterment of mankind. Our strong vision is to enhance our local & global presence, improve our AI & monofloral technology and provide the best to the people & nature.

We are on a mission to make pure honey an essential commodity and make people understand the importance of bees and nature.

Our Focal Points

  • Bee health & protection initiatives & sustainable monofloral agri-tech practices.
  • Bee habitat preservation to help bees survive & thrive in harmony.
  • Beekeepers training to make them next-generation bee advocates and honey producers.
  • Consumer awareness to boost the value of pollination and make people planet saviors.

We have used our monofloral agriculture technology in 44 countries to significantly boost the current monofloral honey production. By deploying these cutting-edge technology, we are trying to achieve our goal of considerably increasing worldwide honey output by 2033.

We aim to set up monofloral hives in 10,000 farm locations across the world by 2030 to reduce carbon footprint on the planet.

How Do Our Customers View Our Brand?

Geohoney was started with a vision to grow in the marketplace not for their profit but the betterment of mankind. Our strong vision is to enhance our local & global presence, improve our AI & monofloral technology and provide the best to the people & nature.

We are on a mission to make pure honey an essential commodity and make people understand the importance of bees and nature.

Our Financial Performance

Our leadership in the global honey market is a strong indicator of our financial growth. Our portal home page shows the browser the latest figures on our sales . This is because we keep adopting sustainable strategies and new technologies to produce high-quality honey products that are best for people to consume and safe for nature. In addition, our work approach makes us different from other companies in the marketplace and leads us to financial success.

How do We Evaluate Ourselves?

Geohoney works on a broad framework & set of principles such as efficiency, communication, consistency, and confidence to meet the fundamental objective of improving brand performance and progress against strategic goals.

Identifying roles & responsibilities, ensuring the overall framework is comprehensive of brand growth, reviewing data sources, considering external factors, taking qualitative assessments from customers, and measuring performance through sales, market share, margins, etc. are some of the best ways through which we evaluate our brand.

How Do We Measure Our Performance?

We measure the performance of our brand and specifically assess the strength in a market, through different aspects, each measured using separate metrics. For doing this we typically measure how well awareness is converted into preference, loyalty, characteristics or desired associations and communication recall.



We as a honey brand & green tech company are very specific in what we want to achieve. We have set up a target to serve a global audience and market so that they can avail the benefits of natural products and in turn share their bit to help the planet.


We keep everything documented and automated so it becomes easy for us to analyze our advances. This helps us in assessing if we have achieved our goal. We measure our metrics regularly to know if we’ve hit the mark. The more specific the numbers and details on our analysis, the better it is for our business.


We make an internal analysis of our company to check regularly whether we are reaching established goals. We keenly observe the current market to know how it behaves with our business sector. We encourage ourselves to stretch ensuring it is within the confines of what we are able to accomplish.

What is Our Green Tech & Marketing Strategy?

We step forward with a long-term approach and fundamental objective of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs and wants of customers. Our marketing strategy is a broad procedure that envelops everything from how an organization positions itself, to the imaginative, the essential accomplices, the media relations, the marketing mix, and the channels and tactics.

Being a global Greentech company we understand that going green and being eco-friendly is the need of the hour, not only when it comes to consumers but also organizations. Basically, green technology means to safeguard and restore the environment, ration regular assets, and reestablish the harm caused for it previously. The primary objective of green tech is to limit the adverse consequences of new advancements in the world by utilizing clean energy (elective fuel sources and advancements that cause less damage than petroleum derivatives). In any case, it has extra objectives that comprise of:

  • Tracking down better approaches to satisfy our necessities while decreasing our adverse consequence on the climate.
  • Using resources all the more productively, decreasing waste, and reducing pollution.
  • Presenting new green technologies and creating jobs to support them.

Geohoney is in the honey business for since 2017 is now striving to achieve stakes of about 18% in the global honey market and about 50% in the global rare honey market. We are adding 10-25 farms every quarter in various locations around the world to increase the global production of honey.

Our Additional Products

We not only deliver best quality honey and bee products but have added exclusive Himalayan salt lamps to our collection. These lamps are made up of authentic pink salt crystals and are extremely beneficial for your health. We have a wide range of salt lamps available in different designs, styles, sizes & textures to enhance the decor of your place.

Our responsibility lies in spreading satisfaction among individuals through good food. By using trend setting innovations we are not just making a better future for individuals yet are working on their life and of the honey bees through sustainable agriculture & pollination.

We will persistently extend our services in different areas overall to make our natural products available for everyone. We stand at a crucial point in time in our planet’s history and it's the time for us to choose our future. We are here to serve mankind and work together to save the planet.

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