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GEOHONEY is the world global brand and leading supplier of raw honey with its primary focus on wild & monofloral honey. We deployed our brand new patented agri- tech initiatives to multiply the world supply of raw honey.

Our mono-floral honey varieties include over 200 types of honey : White Honey, Sidr Honey, Acacia Honey, Linden Honey, Oak Honey, Black Forest Honey, Buckwheat Honey, Citrus Honey, Thyme Honey, Rice Honey and many more , freshly harvested from our inimitable farms located in over 500 locations across the globe.

We have been investing and striving to deliver our customers 100% raw, natural, and organic honey at affordable rates to their doorsteps across the globe.

We are fully devoted to the wellbeing of our planet by saving these little holly creatures. So please join us and start Living a healthy life with GEOHONEY Now.



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3-day return guarantee for all purchases/orders


Delivery across the world within 1-4 days


Now all the products offered by Geohoney would be tax-free.
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Why Our Customers Love Us

I travel to South Korea Frequently where I used to buy Bee Honey from a particular shop in Daegu City. Your Honey it literally unlike any other I tasted in my life... Hats off Geohoney.

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Li Wang Fang China

I always believed that raw honey is specially used for wound healing which is an outstanding biological process for the restoration of the integrity of the skin after injury. Thanks Geohoney. You just Restored my deep believing in that after I applied your Royal Sumor Honey on my little baby who just injured last week, He is ok after 3 days only . I'm so grateful geohoney.

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Zeynep Oglu - Istanbul Turkey

Thank you Geohoney for the honey. This is wonder stuff! My Husband and my children love it, and we are encouraged by the immune system building potential, with every bite of the honeycomb we ingest. Keep up your standards., BTW, I loved your attached brochure. It is very informative, today I learn new stuff about honey I never known before.

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Christina Oliver New Zealand

I bought Sidr Kashmiri honey, high quality honey and wonderful taste ... and the treatment and speed of delivery were approved ... Thank you from Haifa

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Anwar abu saleh Israel

I used to buy honey from Kathmandu local market, It is Himalayan Honey which is considered local here in our country But Himalayan Honey by Geohoney was honestly tastier I'm feeling hyper the whole day Thank you, Geo honey I promise to buy again soon.

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Govind Nepal

I'm a farmer and I have hundreds of Apiaries all over Nigeria and west African countries. Im herein to testify that we are the supplier of African Honey to Geohoney. Thank you Geohoney for spreading our special Eucalyptus Honey to the world. We and our families Ask the Lord to bless your genuine business.

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Yuwa Ubie - Lagos Nigeria

While searching for the natural honey online, I came across Geohoney and I can bet that no one can get the purest honey like they provide. With wide assortment of honey flavours available on their website, people can easily pick the favourite product. I would recommend Geohoney to everyone who are looking for something healthy and natural too.

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Natalie Greenland

Great service from the Website and Mr Jason from Customer Service. Is our pleasure as a supplier to cooperate with a company like Geohoney.

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Oliver Jovanovski Yugoslav

The honey is so pure and tasty! It helped me prevent diseases such as common colds. I would totally recommend and taste it again! Nice product!! Good quality!!!

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Lois Gail Rigo United Arab Emirates

This assorted chocolate box is a wonderful gift option and nutritional addition to a busy day. It’s just so lovely that I know I am giving an instant energy boost to my body with delicious tasting chocolate made up of natural honey. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!

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Nouraldien Almawas Germany

The honey I purchased from Geohoney is so very good! This is by far the best honey varieties that I came to know and tastiest too. I was suffering from many health issues and I am really surprised with the amazing health benefits that I have got.

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Madelyn France

I have fallen in love with your honey Geohoney Guys. I love it! I loved your Name! The taste, the purpose, my family are happy too. I am a professional bodybuilder. That being the reason for my large consumption of honey especially the white Type from Russia. I have found they are the best pro-race meal and pre-workout breakfast. They make me go fast and better. Glad I found a global and reliable honey source like you.

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Surish Desouza United Arab Emirates

I wanted to write and personally thank you for offering such delectable honey products that helped me lose weight. Thank you again for producing such farm-fresh honey products, selling them at a reasonable cost, and making my dream of getting to a healthy weight so much easier!

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Desmond Silveira Canada

This is a great post! Thank you so much for helping us get reliable recipes with a click of the mouse. I am looking forward to your new recipe updates and cooking many good meals in the coming time. You nailed it!

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Maddy Jones Australia

A big thank you to the whole team for your continued commitment to providing fascinating information and interesting blogs that you keep on updating your website. It’s nice to have a blog to follow that’s so informative and is always a pleasure to read. Keep up your standards!

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Farhan Shaikh Saudi Arabia

Their team always research new topics thoroughly and goes above and beyond what is expected, whether it be blogs, encyclopedias, infographics, or videos. Thank you for sharing such great information with us. Keep going!

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Marianne Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

Lemon Honey cures my cold and flu. It eases pain and relief... Thank You Geohoney :-)

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Jasmine Anuj United Arab Emirates

I just wanted to thank you for the best honey I received for the very first time in my life. Thank you Geohoney for bringing back my trust and the fact that there is still transparent companies who really sells raw and unprocessed honey in our modern world.

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Natalie M Raffaele Monaco

I got my order of Sex booster 9 Types of Honey. and I want to thank you so much. I already see results in less than 72 hours as advised when I consume it three times a day. I am totally blown away, I have been struggling with trying to naturally deal with erectile dysfunction, and nothing has really worked. I really thank you Geohoney, I already see this is real healing.

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Kim Javier Singapore

When I got a chance to read their blogs about various honey varieties and their benefits, I quickly added honey into my daily diet. I really like the unique encyclopedia content they present to us. Good work team!

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James Smith United States

Tried the Sidr Doani honey today which I bought from your online store! I just fell in love with the rich, delicate and authentic taste it has. Can’t wait to try more varieties! Thank you Geohoney for offering pure & natural honey products to us at the best prices!

Man Icon

Meisam Nikbakht Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi, I am a bit of a raw honey addict. I have tried many raw honeys all over KSA and Yemen. Yours is the BEST! , You probably already know that, so I'm just confirming a fact. So thanks for making it. And thank your bees for me.

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Anood Otaibi Riyadh, KSA

I'm from North Dakota , I never tried honey from other countries till today , I have bought your VIP package and I'm totally impressed by the various types and flavors... it is out of the blue , why didn't I know that before!?. Thank you Geohoney

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Ethen Tyler USA

Good to see so many different varieties of honey to order. The search by option is so beneficial for me to pick up the right product as per my requirements. Full marks for the taste, purity, hygiene and quality that you maintain in delivering the products to our doorstep! I would definitely recommend Geohoney to all.

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Amir Shakib United Arab Emirates

Your website has been a source of great information! I appreciate how thoughtful, current and relevant the blog content is as well as the ultra-supportive and detailed encyclopedia contents are the much-needed bonus. I truly want to see them win!

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Eleonor Germany

Long live to Bees , Long Live to Raw Honey, Long Life to Geohoney . i look forward to see your shop in Dubai Mall.

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Abdullah Zaabi UAE

I am enjoying and learning so much about natural honey and beekeeping from the videos on Geohoney’s youtube channel. Their beautiful way of presenting information about honey bees through their engaging videos is lovely. Thanks again for making me understand how important bees are for us and the environment also.

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Delphine Switzerland

Really love the product and the website as well. It helps the customers to be well informed about their products.

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Rhein Bautista United Arab Emirates

I was scrolling through your app and randomly bought Acacia honey as I wanted something raw and organic. And let me just say I was blown away by how yummy it tasted. If eating raw can taste this good it’s time to commit fully and stop playing around on other honey stores!

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Alban Bani Albania

What’s the buzz, Join the hive !

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