About us

Ever since our inception in 2017, we have known to bring novelty services. We have grown to become the preferred choice amongst customers and have claimed the status of a branded honey company. Our dedication to serve the finest quality of honey has helped the purpose of us being the first global honey brand.

Our inventory and services tend to provide sophisticated commodities which can be redeemed at competitive prices and be delivered across the globe. Being the first global honey brand, we are the number one source for all things honey.

Geohoney has come a long way from its beginning in 2017 when our founder Mr. Basem Barry first started his passion for manufacturing monofloral honey in the market space, it drove him and his team to do intense research and create Geohoney as a franchise under B A Barry.

The team's hard work paid off by being the only global online honey store that offers 183 distinct kinds of honey. We are a renowned name in the honey and bee product industry and take much pleasure in knowing you enjoy our products and services. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Who We are?

Established in 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. B A BARRY World has adopted a brand new trade and business scheme to which was set and devoted to gain and inspire from the great culture, principles and values of the marvellous diversity of the world civilizations by innovating a variety of unrivaled products that will be put into the world marketplace for the very first time and by adding up our own special themes and touched to many existed ones in particular the sophisticated high-end products and commodities.

Much care is taken to develop quality products, our team ensures only the finest materials and ingredients are used to make our products. Couple that with precise processing techniques and shipment facilities making us the only global honey and bee Product Company in the world. We are equipped with a global team to cater to our global audience. We are on a continuous quest for exploration and that helps us reach unexplored areas in life.

GeoHoney as a Trademark
“Geohoney is a global brand own by B A BARRY DMCC”

Stemming from our believing in honey, this wonderful and mysterious substance that was mentioned in all the holy books with no exceptions - in the Torah, the Bible and in the Quran - as well as in many ancient history books and legends. The mentioning of the honey was even engraved on stones dated ten thousand years ago.

Geohoney has the experience, the passion and the strong determination to be the first global honey and bee products brand ending up the question marks related to honey business in general, it is founded to please people by providing them with over 20,000 products made of the finest kinds of honey including the rarest ones like Manuka honey, Sumor honey, Buckwheat honey, and many more, deliberately selected from the world most trusted apiaries and top quality hives on earth, in the easiest way possible. Consequently, restoring the trust in significant health benefits of the honey by opening a direct access to products from a trusted brand of repute.

The World renowned supermarkets and department stores will soon display hundreds kinds of natural raw bee honey and thousands types of honey-base products in addition to a thousands of unique natural superfoods supplied by one globally presented brand.

Geohoney Logo and Philosophy

GEO is a prefix: GEO- is taken from the Greek word γη or γαια meaning "earth", usually in the sense of "ground or land" Geo- is thus a prefix for many words dealing in some way with the earth, including: Geography, Geology, Geopolitics, Geodesy, Geometry, and Geography

Geohoney here indicates to the honey from all parts of the earth. the wings in the logo are more like butterfly and this is our artistic way of expressing how beautiful and fundamental bees are for our life.

Pure: indicates to free of impurities and it also means raw, straight from the hives, no additives, unpasteurized, unheated , unprocessed

Cure: indicates to its power of healing as certified by all the religious books as well as the scientific experiments

Exquisite: indicates to our own full-fledged looks and feels in term of quality, packaging and touches of the GeoHoney brand

  • To safe the planet by saving bees life
  • To be the leading multinational company in super food, natural health and wellness.
  • To enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.
  • We believe the world eats better when we eat Honey daily.
  • To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food
  • To be the world's most respected Honey Brand
  • To create a better everyday life for everyone
  • To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.
  • To consistently deliver value to our stakeholders
  • Manufacture and produce a world-class Honey of the highest consistent quality, reliability and convenience based.
  • Maximize the use of good quality honey via wide series of honey and honey-base products.
  • Be model employer with a progressive human resource and social policy.
  • Fulfilling all obligations to Government, shareholders, customers, communities and consumers.
  • Protect the environment by being committed to environmentally sound business practices
  • Deliver shareholder value through the achievement of sustainable and profitable long-term growth.
  • Innovation is set to be at the heart of our company, we have been dedicated to enhance people's lives.
  • Each day we strive to make our products tastier and healthier choices that help consumers care for themselves and their families. This would not be possible without our unmatched deliberated capability, nutrition science and passion for quality in everything we do.
Chairman’s And Member Desk

Chairman’s desk:

We had a vision of serving the planet by saving the bees and supplying the purest raw honey. It is all about the teams that work every moment passionately that this dream can now be visualized under the brand name “Geohoney.” Geohoney is all about serving the best of products to each of the consumers. Since our products are directly consumed by the costumers, we are highly adamant about meeting quality standards at Geohoney.

Member’s desk:

Initially, when we were welcomed aboard by the Geohoney management, we just thought of being a part of an ordinary firm delivering products. However, as the time passed by, we realized within a month of working in Geohoney, that it helped us grow eternally as well, inculcating in us the knowledge of honey and the purity of it. Each member is trained in such a way that he/she can finally test the honey ad find the loopholes if any. I have never found any company working towards the purity so hard and supplying the most organic and natural honey by bringing it from the hives directly. Geohoney helps us grow and with us, it grows every day and for us, this is a success.

About the Founder
The mastermind of Geohoney is Mr. Basem Barry,CEO of the Dubai based firm B A BARRY Group.
  • Strategist, Economist a and serial businessman
  • 20 years of business experience
  • Record milestones and achievements
  • Established and Worked for multinational companies in 13 countries
  • Global institutional memberships and corporate connections
  • Member of several renowned clubs
  • And most importantly a very honey lover
CEO Statement

Sailors dive into depths of oceans in search of rare and precious jewelry. Engineers drill for new oil sources. Geniuses invent sophisticated industries for humanity and futuristic mutations.

But at B A BARRY Group, we work for life and beyond life, unlike us the whole world didn't think of experiencing an unprecedented business initiative and goals that we do not only promise our partners to achieve them and gain exceptional profits thereof but also to put an imprint in the history of mankind and to change the concept of the global economy to the concept of B A BARRY if we could use this context.

To maintain the highest standards, we rely on new technology to mark our footprint on the global platform. We host a team of creative and talented individuals who are a great asset to the company. Our culture and work ethics ensure we are on the foothold for further progress. We make every effort to encourage our employees to cater to the interests of our clients. For the well being of the Geohoney family, we have a special tradition of providing innovative and ingenious solutions to every obstacle we face.

B A BARRY is an INVESTMENT partnership scheme for a world that is desperate for a free, unusual and unconsumed business methodology.

Basem Barry
Chief Executive Officer

GeoHoney Team
“GeoHoney believes in teamwork just like bees organize their hives ”

The success of GeoHoney is devoted to each of the members working towards the mission to make Geohoney the world's best honey supplier and bee saver. Different teams work towards the enhancement of the GeoHoney corporate position.

Various specialized teams like the accounting team, manufacturing team, management team, etc. work hand in hand following the Geohoney values and working on innovation. These dedicated teams workday in and out to get you the most organic and authentic product delivered to your doorsteps. There is a quality testing team as well which ensures that your products are 100% pure and not at all compromised considering the best quality standards. The Human resource team toils hard every day to ensure that our employees are happy and have no issues during their works.

We take pride in introducing our members and teams as they are the one who creates and keeps enhancing Geohoney peaks every day.

Geohoney Milestones

Conceived from an entrepreneurial spirit, we have been a new offshoot of the BA Barry group. With the current marketing, pricing and financial projections our dream of being best in class has become a reality. Passing through the heckles that new enterprises face we have overcome them with impeccable planning leading to our glorious existence.

Throughout our company’s life cycle we implemented smart strategies and with the required adjustments we were emerging as a young and virile enterprise. From the conception stage to product testing, the right financing and market environment helped develop the ideal startup ecosystem.

The company’s milestones help us in adjudging ourselves with current market trends. Every milestone we achieve reveals a story about the fumbles we overcome directing us for greater success. Our company has evolved overtime and that gives us the confidence and motivation to get better every day. Overcoming the initial heckles was a chief contributor to lead us to our glorious existence.

Corporate Stories

GEOHONEY is a sister franchise under B A Barry. The group was founded in 2017 by Mr. Basem Barry. GEOHONEY is based in Dubai, UAE and the large-scale success of the firm is credited to the passionate and professional staff at GEOHONEY. Spearheaded by Mr. Basem Barry, he credits the success of GEOHONEY to the excellent exposure he received across different industries in 25 years.

Given the opportunity to make a fresh start, GEOHONEY was established as a fully-fledged Honey and Bee product company. It was hard at first but GEOHONEY ventured into making Natural Honey Products along with the rarest honeys like manuka honey, white honey, SIDR honey, and many more, and selling them online for shipping them anywhere across the globe.

GEOHONEY products are made of only the freshest of natural ingredients and have multiple health benefits. Our products also make perfect gifts to give your loved ones. If you enjoy good food our line-up of products is the best to add an elegant ambiance. If you want to know more about B A Barry, visit our corporate website

Global Position

Things look promising even in our early stages, our ambition to be a large scale honey brand has been backed by the continuous support we have received in Dubai and world over. We have benefited from the company’s grassroots of successful planning and clever marketing. We have received widespread acclaim and emerged as a renowned name in the honey and bee product industry. Just a simple Google search mentioning Geohoney gives about 15,300 results.

A detailed groundstudy will suggest that we have a positive impact in the market space till now. In today’s globalized economy, melting of cultures is a common sight. Being a global brand we maintain a cross-cultural outlook to secure a better future for our company. We have successfully deployed schemes and programs which enable us to be a trusted brand amongst our customers. Diving into our early successes we have groomed ourselves to be a role for upcoming entrepreneurs. Our client base have been very appreciative of our products paving a path for us to thrive as a global company.Being in the 21st century we grab every opportunity to grow beyond our domestic borders.


Why Our Customers Love Us

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