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Cave Honey

Cave Honey

Directly From Bee Hive, Raw, Wild , Unpasteurized , Pure , Unprocessed , Uncolored , Additives Free, Class A++ and Finest Type of Cave Honey

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Minimum order quantity 100 KG, Maximum 1 million Ton (1 Ton = 1000KG).
Quantities above 50 Ton is subject to availablity and subject to delivery in partials until completion.
Timeframe for bulk orders is 1-6 weeks depending on availablity and paperwork selected.

Very rare Very expensive And very divinely made without a touch of the human being.  Cave Honey is made of a very rare type of bees that live in abandoned caves in almost complete darkness such as a cave or high low oxygen mountains those honey are the finest type of Himalayan honey. The benefits of Cave honey combine altogether the benefits of hundreds of kinds of honey at once. It should be mentioned that this type of honey is very expensive as the quantities available are very limited.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey Perfect Packaging Sucrose: <1% Production Date: 1 Feb 2019 Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2021

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Posted by Nadira Qureshi on Feb 12, 2020| Verified Purchase

This honey is very costly. I am not satisfied...!

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Thank you for the Excellent service!

Posted by Shaikh Khaleez on Jan 18, 2020| Verified Purchase

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service we received from GeoHoney last day. Although the place was very busy we still had a great time and really appreciated the live service too. Amazing product!

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