Geohoney Corporate Social Responsibility

At B A BARRY Group, we are committed to integrating responsible business practices into all our products and activities, not just with words and statements, but also with actions and deeds. With Geohoney Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, we aim to positively impact the world, the marketplaces, the environments and the communities.

Geohoney will highlight and tackle the Impacts of global warming and a new version of diseases which already becoming more and more visible, the disparity between the worlds rich and poor is ever-expanding, the need for a different way to do business has never been more pressing than now. We cannot just continue to produce more sugary products to our children and ignore its long-lasting bad effects later. People are realizing that we can”™t afford to continue plundering the earth”™s resources at the rate we have been just to make a profit and there has to be a more sustainable alternative to doing business and to change our life habits.

Geohoney totally believe in that and totally dedicated to change that to the better

Geohoney will soon introduce its global CSR initiative embracing holistic 360° strategies and highly optimistic goals to better health and longer life to all humans and our planet alike.

Not just CSR, Geohoney is set to create immediate environmental and social impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Please visit us again later, to know more about Geohoney 360 Initiatives.

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