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Ways to attract Bees

Give them cover

Bees need a break from the sun and heat, too. Planting ground cover can give them a place to hide out between feedings and flying.

Give them something to sip on

Place shallow dishes of water in yard and around flowers, or keep a fountain going (place pebbles in it for bees to sit on) so they can hydrate as needed.

Try some colorful bee balm

Bee balm is gorgeous perennial that can attract bees to your yard while also dressing up your landscape.

Keep color in mind when planting

Bees love blue, purple, and yellow flowers and plants.

Plant flowering vegetables

Consider planting flowering vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini.

Try planting flowering fruits

Consider planting flowering fruits like strawberries and apples that will blossom before they bloom fruit.

Forget about pesticides

Use natural pest protection such as herbs, sage burning, and the use of lady bugs in your garden.

Plant single petal flowers

Choose from flat and single petal flowers like Queen Ann’s Lace or Black Eyed Susans since they are easier to feed from.

Don’t kill or aggravate them

Teach children not to kill or swat at bees. Let them just sniff around and feed and if left alone, they will leave you alone.

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