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Honey Bee Sting and Its Remedies

Going on nature, always take medications for allergies, especially if there is a child or person that has never been stung by bees. There are cases when people get allergies, which had not previously been observed. You should follow the simple rules that help you in the wild. Do not use perfumes that can attract insects and provoke their aggression. Wear calm colors clothing, hat can protect against the bite in the danger zone. You should explain to children that sudden arm movements, jumping and running can cause stinging insects attack.

But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid the stinging. If a person has suffered from single or multiple bites, do not panic, you should treat. First of all, get rid of the stinger, which has remained in the skin. It is the source of the poison, which fills the hollow tube and causes intoxication. Remove the sting carefully by pushing out movements, not squeeze it to avoid getting venom into the wound. After the sting is removed, the wound should be treated with antiseptic.

If there is no ice on hand, which is desirable to apply to the bite place, you can use cold water. It helps to relieve severe pain and burning, which occurs in the case of the sting and prevents swelling. From the experience of the older generation, we know that they applied a handful of soil. You can do it, just prevent the entry of harmful bacteria into the open wound. You can make a compress of alcohol or a compress of urine. You can use a tincture of Indian onions. It also helps to get rid of the itching and inflammation.

There are many simple but effective ways to help to quickly remove the swelling and redness of the bite area. Aspirin neutralizes toxic substances, but before applying a compress, it should be crushed. All the powders you need to dilute with water. Gruel of baking soda or activated carbon can eliminate swelling in just one day. People who have been attacked by insects away from home should examine the growing grass. Juice of plantain leaves, celandine, sedum or parsley has healing properties, it is enough to chew the plant and attach to the site of the bite. Onion juice also helps. Returning home, you can apply ammonia or make cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation of the skin in place of a bee sting, promotes resorption festering. 

When the first steps are taken, watch for the state. Insect bites usually do not have serious consequences, the reaction is only pain, itching, redness and mild swelling that lasts about three days. Symptoms that should alert - high fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, common signs of intoxication. Allergic reactions can be recognized by appearing hives, speech disorders. In this case, you need emergency aid antihistamine drugs that can prevent angioedema and anaphylactic shock. In other cases, you just use a diuretic or drinking liquids, depending on individual preferences, which speed up the removal of toxins from the body. But usually you should in advance have first-aid facilities to treat bee stings or if you have insect allergies.

Swelling By Honey Bee Stings

When a bee, wasp or bumble bee stings - the first thing to do is take out a poisonous sting. Then wash the place with cold water and put a wet cold towel. Often the cause of the swelling from a bee sting is allergy to bee venom. In such cases, you must treat the place with a solution of potassium permanganate or ammonia. Without waiting for any signs of swelling you should drop the juice of onion. Poison from a wasp sting can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar. Redness and swelling can be removed with a slice of cucumber.

How to remove the swelling from the eye?

Causes of eye swelling can be allergic reactions or stings. If you have an allergic reaction, you should move away from the source of the allergen and take antihistamine (Claritin, suprastin). Then wash the eyes with cold water and make a poultice of tea leaves, chamomile, and calendula tincture. In the first two hours, you can make an ice compress and the above-mentioned lotions. You should not scratch or rub the eye or use substances that can harm the eye. Bags under the eyes can be the result of an unfavorable cardiovascular system, kidney damage, and other factors. So to find out how to remove the swelling in the form of bags under the eyes, you need to survey the entire body. As a temporary measure to relieve swelling under the eyes you can use a poultice of grated potatoes on a fine grater, put it on for 15 minutes. Also, you can put sliced cucumber or a compress of the tea leaves. Before removing the swelling, it is worth considering that it is often the result of the rehabilitation work of the body on the damaged area of the body. Therefore, sometimes it is better to endure the inconvenience of swelling than make actions, which can violate the healing process.

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