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Honey Statistics

The demand for honey products is globally strong: 3 out of 10 persons eat honey or use other honey products daily. Additionally, GeoHoney will revolutionize the industry and increase those figures by introducing brand new unique honey based products never been in market before.

World trade

Yearly, an amount of 566,000 tones enters the world market and is traded internationally. China, Argentina and Mexico together produce about 60 percent of world-traded honey. The EU, USA and Japan account for about 70 percent of the import trade.

Honey consumption

Honey consumption per capita per year is highest in some countries of central Europe, for example Austria, Germany and Switzerland where annual consumption per capita exceeds one kilogram.
The EU market: The European Union (EU) is dependent on imports to supply the demand for honey. The total, annual honey production within the EU is around 100 000 tones. France, Spain, Greece and Italy are the main.

Honey Import Countries

Source1: International Trade Centre (ITC) U.N. COMTRADE Statistics.

Honey Export Countries


Note: figures are not accurate due to lack of information's in many countries around the world


  • 2016: 6.20 Million Tones
  • 2018: 7.7 Million Tones
  • 2020: In Excess of 10 Million Tons

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