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Special 9 Types Honey Mix- Sex Booster

Special 9 Types Honey Mix- Sex Booster

Directly From Bee Hive, Raw, Wild , Unpasteurized , Pure , Unprocessed , Uncolored , Additives Free, Class A++ and Finest Type of Cave Honey

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Minimum order quantity 100 KG, Maximum 1 million Ton (1 Ton = 1000KG).
Quantities above 50 Ton is subject to availablity and subject to delivery in partials until completion.
Timeframe for bulk orders is 1-6 weeks depending on availablity and paperwork selected.

A very Special Mixture Made of Nine Type of Rare Honey which is a high appreciation for Health and Beauty and very divinely made without a touch of the human being. This honey has many beneficial effects on sexual health, as it enhances the production of the testosterone hormone in men, it also contains the boron mineral which helps increase estrogen levels in women. A scientific study found that a dose of honey consisting only of half a cup (almost 3 ounces) increases the level of the chemical component known as Nitric Oxide, which spreads in the blood when sexually aroused. Honey is also an effective and active home-based treatment for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Studies proved that honey is capable of improving the level of energy, blood distribution, and endurance, as well as the enhancement of the level of fertility and the count in men's semen.  This honey Jar consists of 9 types of honey proportionally mixed to boost the runway of the blood cells and thus enhancing the sex functioning in a natural way without chemicals nor additive.

  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Sucrose: 1%
  • Production Date: 1 Feb 2019
  • Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2022

Customer Reviews

Perfect product!

Posted by Abyan Sayegh on Jan 25, 2020| Verified Purchase

Perfect product for increasing stamina and boost energy level. After using this honey, improving my energy level. 100% recommended!

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Excellent Product....Fast Shipping!!

Posted by Mohd Al Murr on Nov 30, 2019| Verified Purchase

This is a great product - awesome taste, 100% natural, and superb packaging. Thank You GeoHoney!!

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