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Chronic Bee Paralysis

Honey-A remedy rediscovered

The ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans employed honey for wounds and diseases of the gut. Honey was the most popul...

Chronic Bee Paralysis

Honey Bee Nutrition

The food of adult worker bees consists of pollen and nectar or honey. The nutritive value of pollen from different plants varies consider...

Chronic Bee Paralysis

How honey kills bacteria

The broad-spectrum antibacterial activity of honey is...

Chronic Bee Paralysis

Pesticides and honey bee toxicity

Despite the dependence on honey bees for the pollination of crops in the USA, colony numbers have declined by 45% over the past 60 years....

Chronic Bee Paralysis

Alternative pollinator taxa are equally efficient but not as effective as the honeybee in a mass flowering crop

The honeybee Apis mellifera is currently in decline worldwide because of the combined impacts of Colony Collapse Disorder and the Varroa...

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