Global honey bee population decline is undermining the pollination advantages to both the planet and humans. As we know, the disappearance of the bees is a serious problem. Those adorable black and-yellow-robed buzzers are crucial for our survival; however, our pesticides, manures and environmental change are killing them. Without honey bees, our ecosystem would fall, and hence our food supply.

Geohoney plans accordingly for global pollination. Our single monofloral hive when deployed in a farm can increase the growth of plants in a radius of 5km. We are thus deploying our Hi-tech monofloral hives in thousands of locations to increase plantations which in turn will enhance global pollination.

What you can do

Adopt a Beehive (GEOHONEY Monofloral Hive)

Adopting a beehive with Geohoney means you are taking a step forward to support local bees and beekeepers. The bee hive will be positioned in one of our apiaries and will get regular check-ups from our beekeeper.

Geohoney brings an ideal way to help support the honeybee population, discover how to adopt a beehive and do well for the planet.

Creating a Safe Habitat

Growing bee-friendly plants and developing a habitat corridor for the bees is a nicest way to save them. Even a small lawn or backyard can help achieve the goal. Window boxes, flower pots, and planters can also be used to plant beautiful flowers to attract the bees.

Say No to Insecticides

Herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. are very harmful for the bees. Make sure never to use such things in the garden instead go for organic products and natural solutions to enhance soil health and add beneficial insects that keep pests away from the plants.

Grow Native Plants

Wildflowers add color and a nectar source for bees. Look for native plants having flowers with different sizes, shapes, colors and bloom times so that you can attract bees throughout the year.

Create a Bee Pond

Honey bees can't swim or get their wings wet, yet they need water, as well! Take a stab at filling a shallow pie skillet with rocks and water, so honey bees have some place to land and taste some water.

Don’t Swat!

Honey bees rarely sting; however, they can be curious creatures. Assuming the honey bee approaches you are still as she verifies whether you have any nectar. When she knows you're not a blossom, she'll buzz along. While different sorts of bugs can sting, similar to wasps, they appear to be extremely unique from honey bees. Figure out how to perceive honey bees so you'll realize they have only good intentions. When you know what a honey bee resembles, assist your companions with learning, as well!

Buy Local Honey

Support beekeepers who are giving their all to help honey bees. Whenever you pick natural food, you know pesticides that can hurt our pollinators were not used. Honey bees watch out for a rainbow of veggies and natural products, which contain supplements that can assist our bodies with remaining sound — all brought to you by honey bees! Furthermore, remember to purchase raw honey! You'll assist with supporting a flourishing local honey bee ecology, which means that more food can be grown locally.

Snap a Picture When You See a Bee

Collect as many pictures of the bees as you can. citizen-led databases have proved useful in getting information related to bee populations’ health, habits, and preferences.

Support Beekeepers

Support the hard-working beekeepers in any way you can as this will help in enhancing their livelihood and in turn help the bees to flourish.

Inspire the Next Generation

Inspire the next generation of eco citizens with guides, examples, and exercises to get them hummed about honey bees! It is good to bring nature and biology into the homeroom and hearts of children.

Raise Funds Online

Try to raise funds online to share your love & help to the bees. It is an easy way to make a serious impact in the world and inspire people to protect the bees from dying.

Build Home for Bees

Make beautiful homes for the bees to take up residence. You can also purchase them from the market to provide them a space to live.

Become a Bee Scientist

Join a global movement to gather information on these significant pollinators! Collect photographs and other data about local honey bees and educate your friends and neighbors about them and identify opportunities for nurturing them

Become Our Ally

Bees are not strong enough to withstand environmental change, pesticides, illness, bugs, and toxic climate. We attempt hard, however we can't do it single-handedly!

Our beekeeper friends are making continuous efforts to defend the bees. Turn into our ally, find how to embrace a bee colony and to safeguard honey bees with Geohoney.

Increase Plantation

Planting billions of trees across the world is one of the greatest and least expensive approaches to removing CO2 from the air to handle the climate emergency. It’s the time to be a part of a healthy number of tree planting initiatives around the globe – run by businesses, governments and even individuals. As things have changed now we have entered an era in which the destiny of humanity depends on nature, so we should act accordingly.

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