Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Sidr Honey

Natural honey has for quite some time been depicted and utilized by people as a healing specialist, health syrup thus considerably more than simply a food ingredient that you put on your toast or oat. A supernatural honey known for its high therapeutic value is raw Yemeni Sidr Honey, which is one of the best premium honey varieties available across the world. Its novel rich taste, healthy benefits and rare quantity makes it costly, procuring it a prestigious reputation and the name "liquid gold" by Arabs. Referenced in different religious writings, scriptures and surprisingly old carvings, Sidr honey is additionally viewed as a holy honey, as it was utilized by the Prophet Muhammad and others to treat numerous sicknesses.

Prior to getting into the advantages of this uncommon and costly honey variety, it is good to know a little about what it really is and how it is produced. It is the honey created by honey bees from the nectar of little blossoms of the Sidr tree, an evergreen tree that usually grows in humid, hot environments, and withstands harsh climatic conditions, and is considered the most costly variety of honey contrasted with different varieties of it, in addition to its distinctive taste.

Sidr honey is characterized as a monochromatic honey made uniquely from the nectar of Sidr trees in Yemen. It is made out of many sorts of sugar: fructose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, and a wide range of short-chain sugars.

The honey bees creating it gather the nectar only from the Sidr tree, which makes it extremely rich and extraordinary. Both new and dried Sidr leaves have been utilized inside and remotely by the Arabs for millennia for their clinical and infection restoring benefits. In contrast to numerous others, Sidr honey is harvested uniquely in the colder time of year utilizing conventional strategies and manual labour. No pesticides, synthetic compounds or composts are utilized to develop these trees and the honey extraction process is completed utilizing simple tools, a little smoke and some sharp blades. The honey is then poured, unheated and crude, into containers, which protects its dietary benefit and shipped off to the nearby local markets.

Contingent upon the way of harvesting, the expense of this honey can change, as it is sometimes harvested using machines in nations like Iraq, Oman, Kazakhstan and Morocco, making it less expensive, anyway Yemeni Sidr honey is the most perfect and most noteworthy grade accessible because of the nature of its Sidr trees, manual work and the climate. It has additionally been found to have a pH that is equivalent to the pH of the human body, which assists it with being ingested and handled by the body rapidly. Trouble in shipping this monofloral honey likewise adds to the expense and is one reason why it's scant.

Pure Sidr honey is a well-known natural ingredient loaded with numerous nutrients and antioxidants that work best in curing and treating many illnesses. It is good to have it as a necessary ingredient of your diet and first aid kit too.

What Are the Extraordinary Qualities of Sidr Honey?

  • Exceptionally Potent

    Yemeni's beekeepers who are strict in guaranteeing the honey's immaculateness and intensity will permit their honey bees to die rather than feeding them with sugary syrup. Ordinarily, honey bees of a specific hive make 37,000 trips just to make half-kilo of honey yet honey bees who feed exclusively on the nectar of the Sidr bloom die subsequent to making around 3 excursions! The weaker honey bees can't withstand the potency of the nectar of this momentous tree.

  • Natural

    The Sidr trees are grown uncultivated and wild in the desert spaces of Yemen.

  • Pure, Organic & Raw

    In Yemen, the method for beekeeping has consistently been a conventional one. No synthetic substances or medications are permitted in the process of producing Sidr honey. No machines are utilized in the process of harvesting honey. Whole process is done manually with hands, a little smoke (from dried camel skins) and blades. The honey is then poured, unheated and crude, into containers, subsequently saving its crucial live enzymatic constituents.

  • Aphrodisiac

    Blended in with carrot seeds, it turns into a love potion. A mix of the honey with a certain blend of nuts, ginseng and spices are professed to be great aphrodisiacs, with no incidental effects.

  • Restorative

    Our ancestors had perceived honey’s astounding healing gift and had utilized it effectively in relieving most illnesses. Sidr honey has been accounted for to be useful for liver issues, stomach ulcers, respiratory contaminations, sicknesses coming about because of ailing health, stomach related issues, blockage, eye illnesses, tainted injuries and burns, careful injuries (incl. caesarian), advance fast recuperation after labor, works with period, (with different plants) it tends to be utilized against epilepsy, reinforced the insusceptible frameworks, to advance general wellbeing and essentialness.

  • Antioxidants

    Some honey varieties are found to have as much as 75-150 mg ascorbic acid for each 100g while others, under 5mg per 100 mg. Antioxidants are significant in neutralizing the harm caused to the body by free radicals which assume a part in the aging cycle and in setting off illnesses like cancer and arterial disease. Exploration has tracked down that darker honey varieties are comparatively richer in antioxidant properties.

    Antibacterial - Clinical science is rediscovering the viability of honey in the utilization of elective treatments in regions where the improvement of anti-infection safe microbes (the "superbugs") spreads. Honey might contrast in the potency of its antibacterial movement along these lines influencing its healing capacities.

What Are the Benefits of Sidr Honey?

  • Reduces Digestive Problems

    Sidr honey has probiotic properties and is extraordinary for gut wellbeing, keeping the digestive system healthy and strong. This normal and flavorful source of probiotics can be handily included in your daily diet and assists you with treating your upset stomach without relying upon recommended pills and drug syrups, a significant number of which have unsafe side effects.

  • Treats Skin Problems

    Sidr honey has been utilized as an extraordinary solution for a wide range of skin issues, as it is a rich wellspring of cell reinforcements, which makes the skin better when applied topically. Its anti-toxin nature alleviates skin issues, for example, skin diseases, sun harm, skin inflammation and aging. It is additionally awesome at conditioning and hydrating dry skin and scalps.

  • Treats Infections

    The anti-inflammatory properties of Sidr honey are highly effective in preventing infections on injuries and wounds. Being rich in beneficial properties, it helps in fighting off with bacterias that cause sinus and yeast infections. One can even use it in diluted form as a spray on the body.

  • Mitigates Inflammation

    Sidr honey is also very useful in treating stomach ulcers and insect bites all because of the rich anti-inflammatory properties. This is because the phytochemicals present in the honey variety are more superior than the other varieties

Is Sidr Honey Better than Manuka Honey?

Honey is a one of a kind item made normally by honey bees from the nectar of blossoms. It is made out of carbs, proteins, nutrients, amino acids, minerals, Phyto-mixtures, and water. Yemeni Sidr honey and Manuka honey are one kind of honey as they are accumulated by honey bees from only one specific kind of plant. Manuka honey is accumulated from the Manuka plant, which is discovered uniquely in New Zealand. The plant has therapeutic properties, which are available in its honey as well.

Sidr honey comes from the Sidr tree, which has other normal names like Christ's Thorn, Jujube, or Lote tree. The tree is discovered filling in the deserts of Yemen, Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, India, and Pakistan. It discovers noticed in antiquated Arabic writings for its recuperating powers.

Both Sidr and Manuka honey have nutritive and therapeutic properties. They have a smooth taste, less sweet than different types of honey, and have remarkable recuperating properties. Pick unfiltered, crude, unheated, and natural nectar to cause them to hold all their gainful enzymes.

Yemeni Sidr Honey v/s Manuka Honey

  • Characteristics

    Manuka honey is more obscure and has a stronger flavor than Yemeni Sidr honey, which has a lighter tone and a fine flavor. Both Manuka and Sidr honey can eliminate harmful gut microorganisms, leaving the great gut microbes alive and that too with no side effects. Then again, anti-infection agents annihilate both great and awful gut microorganisms, which leaves the individual with a fragile digestive system.

  • Properties

    Sidr honey annihilates microscopic organisms liable for respiratory diseases. It is viable in eliminating drug-safe microbes like MRSA more successfully than Manuka honey. Sidr honey is more reasonable than Manuka honey, yet the imperial Yemen Sidr honey is more uncommon and more costly than manuka honey. Retailers sell Manuka honey with a rating relying upon its antibacterial action though, Sidr honey has no such evaluating. Both Sidr and Manuka honey have hostile microbial properties when applied topically.

  • Sugar Content

    Sidr honey has a low glycemic file and won't cause a spike in your glucose levels like customary honey. Manuka honey is high in sugars and can cause a spike in glucose levels. It isn't prudent for individuals with diabetes.

  • Cost

    Sidr honey scores over manuka honey in its estimating, low glycaemic list, and recorded use and adequacy since old occasions.

How to Use Sidr Honey?

Add a spoonful of honey to boiling water with lime squeeze and drink it first in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps shed excess weight. You can take 1 to 2 tablespoons of Yemeni Sidr honey every day to further develop resistance and in general wellbeing. You can utilize it as a sweetener on hotcakes, waffles, dressing on servings of mixed greens, curries, Chinese dishes, and sautés.

For wounds, burns, and cuts Sidr honey can be used topically on the affected area as it is rich in antibacterial properties.

For a younger looking and gleaming skin honey face pack can be used regularly. Making a honey face mask is quite easy to make. Take olive oil, honey and almond oil and mix them in equal quantities. Apply this fresh mixture on the face and keep it for 15-20 mins and then rinse it with normal water. You can prepare this mixture fresh or can even store it in a jar for a longer period.

Children who are above 2 years of age can be given a tablespoon of honey before bedtime. This will help effectively in preventing bed wetting in children

Honey can also be used to make hair lustrous and healthy. Try a hair pack by mixing ¼ cup of olive oil and half cup of honey. After mixing both the ingredients properly, put it into the scalp, massage well and leave for 30 minutes before washing. This is the best way to get the nutrients absorbed in the scalp and condition the hairs for a longer time.

Special Precautions & Warnings While Using Sidr Honey

  • Pregnant & Breast-feeding Women

    Honey is safe for everybody when consumed in moderate quantities. Though the problem of botulism is associated with infants and young children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women should consume it safely and avoid topical applications of honey and consumption in medical amounts. .

  • Diabetes

    Consuming honey in large amounts might cause an increase in blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Also try avoiding honey application at dialysis exit sites may augment the peril of contamination in people with diabetes.

  • Pollen Allergies

    Always avoid consumption of honey if you are allergic to pollen. As honey is made from the pollen particles it may cause allergic reactions.


Authentic raw unadulterated SIDR honey is truly a great gift given by honey bees. This wonderful and highly potent product holds something for nearly every member of the family and thus, it more than lives up to its reputation as a natural cure-all. Grab a jar of pure, raw and organic Sidr honey from Geohoney and start living a healthier life!

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