Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Jarrah Honey

Use of honey as an alternate therapy is an ancient practice. People have been using it for thousands of years to combat infections, treat various illnesses, upkeep skin and hair health and for many other reasons. Jarrah honey is becoming increasingly popular these days all because of its unique health benefits.

What Jarrah honey?

Jarrah Honey is a popular honey variety made by the honey bees using the nectar of Jarrah tree flowers, commonly known as Eucalyptus Marginata (from the myrtle family). Jarrah is a dark and rare honey variety as the tree grows only in Australia and the flowers bloom once in two years for a short period of time. They are then collected exclusively for scientific purposes.

What is Jarrah honey?
What Are the Properties of Jarrah Honey

What Are the Properties of Jarrah Honey?

It is a thick, dark and rare honey variety that carries a caramel aftertaste. It is a less sweet honey type and also has low glucose and high fructose levels. Pure Jarrah honey is a true bliss and can be paired with numerous dishes.

About Jarrah Trees

Jarrah trees are mainly found in Western Australia. The Jarrah tree is a wonderful tall wood tree that can grow up to 40 metres in height. It is a slow developing Eucalyptus tree that can flourish for 1000 years. It has a brown fissured bark that can endure intense forest fires and a large green canopy.

At the point when it is in full bloom, it is just magnificent. The blossoms are carried on the tips of the branches and the entire tree can be canvassed in delightful smooth blossoms.

About Jarrah Trees
How Honey Bees Produce Jarrah Honey

How Honey Bees Produce Jarrah Honey?

Honey bees gather nectar from the flowers of Jarrah trees which bloom only once in every two years. When the worker bees collect the nectar, they store it in their honey stomach and mix with the special bee enzyme present in their mouth. This bee enzyme is also called invertase and is secreted from the bee’s glands.

When the worker bees return to their hives, they pass the collected nectar to the hive bees by mouth-to-mouth transferring. During this process the collected nectar is mixed with bee enzyme to reduce the water content converting nectar into honey.

After this process is completed, hive bees will now deposit the honey into wax cells. But, still the water content of the honey is too high. To further reduce it, honey bees fan their wings on wax cells which assist in evaporating the water from cells.

Once this is done, honey will now have water content less than 20% and honey bees again begin the same process to reduce it further.

What Are the Best Type of Jarrah Trees?

The best type of trees to produce Jarrah honey is predominantly found in Western Australia. These special slow-growing trees can live for thousands of years and are best grown in soils that are derived from ironstone. These are single season trees that bloom only once in two years. The large, beautiful and white colored flowers attract the honey bees. The Government of Australia has also preserved Jarrah forest from harmful urbanization.

What Are the Best Type of Jarrah Trees
The Antimicrobial Power of Jarrah Honey

The Antimicrobial Power of Jarrah Honey

Jarrah honey is also known as Australia’s healing honey all because of its rich antimicrobial power. It is actually a different honey variety and has higher levels of antimicrobial power. It is widely used to treat skin issues, wounds, sore throats and many more such problems because of its antibacterial and antifungal superpower. It works wonders to ease sore throats, cough issues, and mouth ulcers by consuming a spoonful of it in warm water every day.

Benefits of Jarrah Honey

Benefits of Jarrah Honey

  • Heals Wounds & Burns

    The powerful antifungal & antibacterial properties of Jarrah honey makes it a great ingredient to heal wounds, cuts & burns naturally. Consuming a spoonful of it daily or applying it topically on the affected region will work wonders in healing wounds and burns.

  • Treats Digestive Issues

    Regular consumption of Jarrah honey helps in treating digestive system issues. It not only helps in maintaining proper digestion but also works effectively in reducing the severity & duration of diarrhoea. Various studies have shown that consumption of honey actually can reduce the upward flow of undigested food and prevents acid refluxing.

  • Relieves Cough & Cold Symptoms

    Honey has proved extremely beneficial in treating eliminating cough & cold symptoms. It has been used as a natural cough remedy by ancient people as well.

  • Helps in Lowering Triglyceride Levels

    Triglycerides are connected with insulin resistance and considered a major driver of type 2 diabetes. Numerous studies have shown that regular Jarrah honey consumption effectively lowers triglyceride levels especially when it is used as a sugar alternative.

Jarrah Honey and the Glycaemic Index

Jarrah Honey and the Glycaemic Index

Jarrah honey has a darker and syrupy consistency than other honey you might have tasted. It has a flavor like that of caramel and is less sweet than more normal types of honey. This is because of its lower levels of glucose. All things considered, Jarrah honey contains more significant levels of fructose, a type of fruit sugar.

Glycaemic Index, or GI, is used to quantify how rapidly the sugar in a food is transformed into glucose. The lower the GI, the better it is for the body. Also, the more uncertain it is to cause a sudden blood glucose spike followed by a crash. Table sugar, which is pure glucose, has an exceptionally high GI. Jarrah honey has a lower GI than other honey and sugar.

Jarrah Honey a Natural Prebiotic for Sound Gut Health

Jarrah honey is considered as a decent prebiotic. It contains oligosaccharides and other high carbohydrates which the great microorganisms use to make supplements that the body can use.

Jarrah honey is a generally excellent prebiotic as it advances creation of higher concentration of Butyric Acid (BTA) contrasted with other honey assortments. BTA is a saturated, short-chain fatty acid which has strong calming impacts. Use of food varieties with a high concentration of BTA is connected to a lowered risk of colon cancer.

It can assist with mouth ulcers and bad breath which are regularly connected with stomach bacteria, for example, Helicobacter pylori.

Jarrah Honey a Natural Prebiotic for Sound Gut Health
How to Use Jarrah Honey

How to Use Jarrah Honey?

Jarrah honey can be topically used on the wounds and ulcers to aid healing. It can also be used as a mouth ulcer lozenge to heal painful & uncomfortable ulcers. Apart from this Jarrah honey is an excellent drink to consume after dinner. It can be mixed with tea or other beverages to replace sugar and can be enjoyed well by drizzling on your favorite food items.

When to Avoid Eating Jarrah Honey?

Infant & newborn babies should never consume any sort of raw honey, or honey items, including handled or heated products. This is on the grounds that until they grow and reach a year of age they are in danger of an uncommon and intense complication called infant botulism.

As the babies grow, their digestive system also develops making it strong enough to digest the honey. In case your child has any health issue that is affecting the digestive system, it is suggested to have a discussion with the doctor before letting your child consume honey or any other bee product. Pregnant ladies & breastfeeding women should also avoid eating Jarrah honey as it can cause harm to their babies.

When to Avoid Eating Jarrah Honey
Is Jarrah Honey Vegan?

Is Jarrah Honey Vegan?

The Vegan Society never considers honey vegetarian. This is because they believe that many beekeepers supplant honey with sugar syrups, corn syrup etc. that not only degrades the quality of honey but makes it harmful for consumption.

Besides, they accept that in regular beekeeping, honey bees are explicitly reared to increment usefulness. Which they believe leads to a restricting of the bee populace and builds defenselessness to illness and large scale die-offs.

They also accept that many beekeepers will separate their hives post-harvest and limit the queen honey bee to prevent them from passing on to begin another colony. Hence the Vegan Society doesn't think about being a honey vegetarian. That, obviously, doesn't stop a few veggie lovers from consuming honey arguing it is safe if they source their honey jar from a valuable brand.

What is the Average Price of Jarrah Honey?

It is an expensive honey variety as compared to other honey types. On an average a 100gm jar of Jarrah honey costs about $80 to $90. Higher prices are naturally due to the short flowering season.

What is the Average Price of Jarrah Honey?


Jarrah honey has been alluded to as both a healing honey and liquid gold. It has a smooth, unique, caramel-like flavor and is loaded with beneficial properties. The darker color indicates the high content of phytochemicals with antioxidant properties, making it a great alternative as a potential natural anti-ageing treatment. Try buying 100% natural, pure, unadulterated and untreated honey at Geohoney to avail the miraculous benefits which aid in supporting strong physical & mental health.


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