Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Cave Honey

Honey has been utilized as a natural home remedy since the beginning and has various medical advantages and health uses. It's even used by people all around the world for the treatment of wounds. Large numbers of these medical advantages are explicit to raw or unpasteurized honey.

The majority of the honey you find in supermarkets is purified. The high heat kills undesirable yeast, can work on the shading and texture, eliminates any crystallization, and expands the timeframe of realistic usability. Unfortunately, a considerable lot of the valuable supplements are additionally annihilated simultaneously.

Cave honey has standing as one of the best on the planet. This results from the land's vegetation and prolific field for honey bees which brings about numerous assortments of honey that taste inconceivable. Authentic cave honey is so profoundly valued that its possession is viewed as a significant variation in Arab culture.

For what reason is cave honey so expensive? The main factor behind this expensive price is the work required to harvest the honey from distant regions and the exceptionally healthy benefits that make this nectar extraordinary and exciting. Cave honey is different from conventional honey varieties. It comes in golden yellow colour and is filled with numerous medicinal advantages. Harvested once in a year, this rare honey variety offers a bitter taste.

The honey is produced 100% by the bees and does not involve humans in the whole process. As bees collect nectar from the unknown plants, medicinal herbs grown around and inside the caves and even from the abandoned places, this honey gives plenty of medicinal benefits. Loaded with magnesium, potassium, phenols, flavonoid and antioxidants, cave honey is just the best to keep you healthy & fit.

What Are the Properties of Cave Honey?

  • It is usually golden in colour
  • The rich amount of minerals and nutrients present in it makes it a great natural ingredient with medicinal benefits
  • Unlike other honey varieties, it offers a slightly bitter taste

Why is Cave Honey So Special?

Cave honey has amazing taste profiles and recuperating properties. We likewise utilize this for our combinations. This honey additionally offers a unique understanding of the honey culture of this part of the world.

The most costly honey is cave honey from Wadi AMD. There, in the distant mountains, inside caves, the honey bees make wild hives. Stored away from the sun, this liquid gold holds its thick consistency, golden shading and all its rich supplements. As such, hives are hard to track down and harvest, a group of beekeepers can only harvest 300 to 400 kilos every two years. The beekeepers need to slither inside the caves through slender fissures in the stone and gather barely enough so the honey bees can, in any case, flourish without harming the hive or these valuable creatures. It is so raw and good that it costs AED 5,500 (1550 USD) a kilo.

What Are the Advantages of Cave Honey?

  • Treat Digestive System Problems

    Being wealthy in probiotics, honey successfully helps inappropriate processing, subsequently decreasing constipation, gas, and bloating, given it being a delicate diuretic. Better working of the digestive system thus helps in decreasing hypersensitivities and advances the wellbeing of the whole body. Honey also lessens the poisonous impacts of mycotoxins in the gut, making it an incredible sugar substitute.

  • Treat Respiratory Infections

    Honey is a safe and broadly accessible choice to treat upper respiratory tract diseases. Being wealthy in beneficial properties, natural raw honey works as an excellent natural remedy to treat respiratory issues.

  • Helps in Treating Ulcers

    Honey is stacked with various components that incorporate polyphenols and different cell reinforcements and has demonstrated outcomes to repress H. pylori development. Being wealthy in antibacterial properties as well, honey is a powerful regular ingredient that aids in alleviating ulcers.

  • Provides Relief in Eye Infections

    Stacked with antimicrobial and calming properties, honey is a successful treatment for a few eye conditions. In addition, the effective use of honey kills harmful microbes and helps in diminishing aggravation and irritation in the eye.

  • Helps in Recovering from Wounds and Burns

    When devoured day by day, Cave honey stimulates antibodies and battles destructive microbial action, which thus supports recuperating wounds rapidly. It helps in mending off different contaminations making it incredibly hard for the microorganisms to foster protection from it. Effective honey on injuries, wounds, and cuts gives an alleviating and quieting experience on explicit skin areas and helps forestall further disease.

  • Fortifies the Immune System

    The phytonutrients in honey are the key components answerable for its cell reinforcement properties, similarly as their antibacterial and antifungal power. These phytonutrients help in upgrading the immune health of the body and shields it from different ailments.

What Are the Advantages of Cave Honey for High cholesterol?

Cave honey may bring down elevated cholesterol levels because of its antioxidant property. The polyphenols present in it bring down LDL (bad cholesterol) and further develop HDL (great cholesterol). It can likewise forestall the oxidation of LDL hence lessening the degree of LDL in the blood.


1. Take two tablespoons of honey and add three teaspoons of Cinnamon powder to it.

2. Blend well and take one teaspoon of the combination two times every day after suppers.

3. Follow this for somewhere around 1-2 months for better outcomes.

Honey assists with controlling elevated cholesterol levels by further developing digestion because of its beneficial properties that aid in digesting food properly.

What Are the Advantages of Honey for Diarrhea?

Cave honey may be acceptable in treating diarrhoea issues because of its antibacterial property. In addition, an investigation expresses that honey can restrain the development and action of microbes, causing looseness of the bowels, for example, S.aureus and C.albicans in this way decreasing the length of bacterial diarrhoea.


1. Take one teaspoon of honey.

2. Add one tablespoon of curd to it. Blend well.

3. Take it two times every day.

What Are the Advantages of Honey for Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

The antioxidant agents present in honey may bring down the danger of cell damage, for example, foot ulcers if there should be an occurrence of diabetes. In addition, studies express that cave honey may likewise decrease aggravation at the injury site and help in the recuperating process.

Cave honey helps if there should be an occurrence of an ulcer because of its mending property. It likewise forestalls cell damage due to its rejuvenating nature.

Is Cave Honey Good for Weight Loss?

Cave honey is rich in 22 amino acids that include various minerals that help prevent obesity and are essential for increasing body metabolism. Consuming a spoonful of honey with drops of lemon juice early in the morning is an effective anti-cellulite treatment. This natural home remedy speeds up the weight loss process and helps shed extra pounds of the body. Another effective weight loss remedy is consuming small amounts of honey and cinnamon together, which enhances digestion and helps in avoiding unnecessary weight gain.

Is Cave Honey Good for Your Skin?

Natural cave honey is loaded with components beneficial for your skin, particularly if you suffer from autoimmune or acne problems or other skin conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis. Indeed, even Candida overgrowth might be constrained by applying honey to your skin.

Raw honey helps balance the microscopic organisms on your skin, making it an extraordinary item for skin inflammation. In addition, it has been concentrated as an enemy of skin break out products and observed to be altogether more viable than other well-known items.

Honey speeds up your skin cells' mending measures. For people suffering from dermatitis or have blemishes, unpasteurized cave honey could speed mending and decrease aggravation. It is viable at recuperating wounds so rapidly that specialists presently utilize it in clinical settings.

Raw honey is additionally a natural exfoliator, which means applying it to your face takes off dry, dull skin and uncovers new skin cells underneath.

  • Cave Honey for Brightening & Lightening of Skin

    As cave honey has rich exfoliating properties, utilizing it topically on skin can wipe out dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. This can uncover more glowing and healthy skin.

    After washing your face with a cleanser and water, apply honey to your face. You can make it more liquid by adding some water to make it less tacky and simpler to remove. Leave the honey on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

  • Cave Honey for Removing Scars

    Honey helps your body's mending cycle, which might assist with fading skin scars. In addition, you can utilize honey as a spot treatment on scars, applying it consistently every day as a paste on your scars. You may also get good results if you use honey in face masks.

Precaution When Using Honey

  • Expert Advice

    1. Cave honey is rich in fructose content, incomplete absorption of which can cause diarrhoea.

    2. As honey is acidic, it may erode the dental enamel if consumed in large quantities and kept in the mouth for a prolonged period.

    3. It is suggested to consume honey in moderate quantities as high doses of it can cause vomiting, nausea, and diarrhoea, all because of its heavy nature.

    4. Never consume boiled honey as it can lead to harmful chemical changes.

    5. Make sure that you never consume radish with honey as it can be toxic.

  • Allergy

    Avoid consuming cave honey if you are hypersensitive or allergic to bee products.

  • Breastfeeding

    As honey is rich in contaminants like C.botulinum and grayanotoxins, it might be harmful to the baby. Therefore, it is recommended to check with your doctor before adding it to your daily diet.

  • Patients with diabetes

    Honey is known to lower the blood glucose level, however, it can be risky for diabetic people if consumed in higher quantities. Thus, it is generally suggested to regularly monitor the blood glucose level and consult your doctor before consuming it.

  • Patients with heart disease

    Honey is rich in various properties that help in maintaining and sometimes lowering blood pressure. Thus, it is generally advised to regularly check your blood pressure levels to avoid the risk of any illness

  • Pregnancy

    Honey usually has contaminants like C.botulinum and grayanotoxins that prove bad for pregnant women and their growing fetuses. It is suggested to consult your doctor before using it.


Cave honey is good for everyone and has been linked with numerous therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is one of the most expensive and finest quality honey available in the world. It is best to replace your ordinary sugar and enjoy this nutritious & 100% pure honey in moderation. Get your jar of this unique variety today by ordering it online at Geohoney. Explore our collection today.

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