Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Blackberry Honey

Honey bees play an essential role in maintaining the health of people and the planet. Products produced by the honey bees are extremely rich in medicinal properties and food is also made available to us by these significant pollinators. There are hundreds of honey varieties available in the market and blackberry honey is one of the unique monofloral varieties offering plenty of health benefits.

What is Blackberry Honey?

Blackberry honey is produced by the bees using the nectar collected from flowering blackberry bushes. Often this honey is produced from one or more of the bushes in the genus Rubus that include both red, black raspberries as well. These bushes have attractive flowers and plenty of nectar which draw honeybees towards them. It is a commonly available organic & wide honey variety, with a thick, smooth & creamy texture and a delicate flavour with a fruity finish.

Where Does Blackberry Honey Come From?

Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, the New England States and the United States with California, Florida are the prominent producers of blackberry honey. Black berry bushes usually grow in northern temperate states.

Honey bees gather nectar from wild blackberry plants in the mid-to-late spring, taking it back to the hive where working drones turn it into raw honey and cover it with beeswax in their honeycomb. There it is either used by the state as food, or beekeeping or handling companies harvest it and prepare it to be sent to market.

Numerous varieties of honey are intensely handled, to make it more appealing to customers and last longer before crystallisation. Fortunately, most wild blackberry honey makers don’t resort to techniques like ultra-filtration (which eliminates the honey bee pollen that contributes the vast majority of the honey's medical advantages) or adding additional sugars like high-fructose corn syrup (to add bulk and increase yield). The blackberry honey they produce and ship is unadulterated honey - raw, unadulterated, healthy and delicious.

Blackberry & raspberry bushes are known to have a lengthy time of flowers blossoming rather than a small window. Honey bees gather the nectar of blackberry and raspberry brambles from early April through late May and into June.

Blackberry honey production has a moderately small yield of 40-50 lbs./acre. This differs depending upon whether the bee colony is gathering from wild berry bushes or from fields developed for commercial purpose.

Many honey makers put forth the additional attempt to transport bee states to an area that is thickly populated by raspberry and blackberry bushes in the spring of the year to get a yield of this popular and sought-after variety.

How is Blackberry Honey Produced?

As honey bees gather the blackberry nectar from the bushes, it is blended in with an enzyme inside the honey bee’s mouth. The enzyme is known as invertase or the "bee enzyme" which is discharged from the bee glands. At the point when the honey bees return to the hive, they will pass the blackberry honey they have gathered between themselves further blending the nectar in with the "honey bee enzyme".

This will lessen the water content changing over the nectar into honey. They will then store the blackberry honey into wax cells, however now, the water content might be excessively high. To decrease the water content, the honey bees will fan their wings over the wax cell, this, in turn, will evaporate some of the water.

Whenever the bees have finished the process, the honey will have water content generally below 20%. The honey will then be capped, and the honey bees will repeat the cycle again.

Which is the Suitable Environment to Produce Blackberry Honey?

The best climate for producing this sort of honey is one where thick bushes are found and the honey bees don't need to go across boundaries like highways and broad rivers.

Blackberry and raspberry bushes grow on their own across the world; this offers honey producers an outstanding chance to create a product that is totally free from insect sprays, pesticides, and other man-made synthetic substances.

What are the Properties of Blackberry Honey?

The most effective way to depict the flavour of blackberry honey, for those who've attempted different varieties, is that it's similar to orange blossom honey yet with a light berry taste rather than a citrus one. Its extraordinary taste isn't exactly equivalent to what you'd encounter while biting into a juicy, ripe blackberry, yet it's fresh and sweet, with a slight berry tang.

It looks somewhat similar to buckwheat honey as its usually dark-to-medium amber in colour, with a smooth texture and thick and viscous appearance. It has a slight and elegant fragrance to supplement its regularly gentle taste, yet the attributes of the honey can change from one producer to another. You will also observe that some blackberry honey tastes really strong and they are ideally suited for use in BBQ sauces, marinades and coatings.

What are the Uses of Blackberry Honey?

Blackberry honey can be used in various ways, however, it might be the best honey to serve at breakfast because its sweetness mixes so well with waffles, hotcakes and biscuits, and is an ideal solution for improving tea. The honey functions admirably as a natural sugar in baked goods, and many individuals mix it with lemon squeeze and water to make sweet blackberry lemonade.

This honey has a somewhat high fructose content, which means it crystallises slower than numerous different varieties of natural honey, especially on the off chance that it's kept in a dry spot at room temperature. Assuming that it structures crystals while on the shelf, basically place the container in a warm water bath (never use high temp water), and it will get back to its wonderful liquid structure.

What are the Benefits of Blackberry Honey?

  • Assists in Healing Wounds & Burns

    The strong antibacterial properties of honey help in healing wounds & burns long with providing relief from skin inflammation, irritation, cuts, etc. The low moisture content & a low pH make it a great topical solution and aid in the hindrance of the growth of fungi and bacteria.

  • Helps in Preventing Acid Reflux

    Consuming a spoonful of blackberry honey lines the oesophagus and stomach, which in turn reduces the upward flow of the stomach acid and undigested food.

  • Provides Relief in Digestive System Problems

    The rich properties of honey help in reducing the severity of digestive problems & even helps in reducing the duration of diarrhoea.

  • Relieves Cough and Cold Symptoms

    Blackberry honey is equally beneficial in relieving cold and cough symptoms and is recommended as a natural cough remedy. Along with this, through its protein (defensin-1) honey has the ability to kill bacteria.

  • Lowers Triglycerides Levels

    Numerous studies have found that blackberry honey when consumed regularly helps in lowering triglycerides levels which in turn reduce the risk of diabetes.

  • High Antioxidant Levels

    Blackberry honey is extremely high in the antioxidant levels of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals. These are extremely vital in preventing the body from the damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants present in honey help the body protect against ageing, cancer, inflammation and other neurological diseases.

  • Prevents Cancer

    Additionally credited to its high antioxidant content, blackberry honey uses flavonoids and phytochemicals to deter free radical formation within cells.

  • Rejuvenates the Skin

    Blackberry honey is known to have anti-aging properties because of the enzymes and other natural mixtures present in its arrangement. These help to shield the cells from different processes that add to the decrease of their life spans and work magically in reducing the wrinkles.

Is Blackberry Honey Good For Everyone?

Blackberry honey is a phenomenal choice to include in your daily eating routine for multiple reasons, and the clearest is its normally low sugar content.

This present honey's thickness and smooth texture make it extraordinary for topping pancakes and supplanting pure sweeteners in your green teas. As a little something extra, you get to partake in the additional freshness and herbal flavour to your drinks, attributable to its botanical beginning. Since this honey is raw, it contains high amounts of natural mixtures like pollen wealthy in fibre, proteins, and other fundamental supplements.

Can Blackberry Be Used as an Antiseptic?

Blackberry honey has generally low water content (16-17%) and a low pH, making it great for topical use as an antifungal and giving it incredible antibacterial properties. Blackberry honey is an excellent antiseptic which assists with drying out injuries, supporting the hindrance of growth of fungi and bacteria.

When is it Unsafe to Consume Blackberry Honey?

Like other raw honey, it contains honey bee pollen and propolis. That implies that anybody hypersensitive to the pollen of plants in the class Rubus ought to stay away from this specific kind of honey. People who have a sensitivity to honey bees and you are unsure if you will react to honey, you should consult with your doctor.

Besides, raw honey of any sort, including blackberry honey, ought to never be given to a baby under a year old. This is on the grounds that it can cause an uncommon but serious illness (Infant Botulism) brought about by a particular kind of microscopic organism. At the point when babies are a year old or more mature, they typically have stronger immune systems, and the risk of eating raw honey is reduced.

Can Vegan People Eat Blackberry Honey?

The vegan society does not consider blackberry honey vegan. This is all because some honey producers may replace it with sugar substitutes when harvesting. This mixing of honey with sugar substitutes reduces the essential micronutrients, thus being detrimental to the honey bees.

Moreover, they accept that in traditional beekeeping, honey bees are explicitly reared to build usefulness. Which they accept prompts a restricting of the populace genetic supply and builds defenselessness to illness and large scale die-offs.

They additionally accept that many honey farmers will winnow their hives post-collect and drastically limit the queen honey bee to prevent them from passing on to begin another state. Consequently the Vegan Society doesn't think about being a honey vegetarian. That, obviously, doesn't stop a few vegetarians contending its fine assuming they source their honey from reliable sources that do not practice the above.


Blackberry honey is such a superfood that you’ll enjoy complimenting your tea, coffee and baked goods. Several naturopaths have suggested it as an effective treatment for numerous ailments. If you want to observe some significant impacts on your health, order a jar of blackberry honey today and we are sure that you might end up loving it.


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