Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Black Bitter Honey

What is Black Bitter Honey?

Black Bitter Honey or Sex Booster Honey is the best kind for those looking forward to blazing flames of passion. It is the perfect honey that can be used as a booster for fertility. This honey is a unique proportional mixture of 9 different types of honey. This special honey is known as a fertility booster, being rich in Boron it is known to boost testosterone and metabolise estrogen. It helps in enhancing the sex functioning in a natural way without chemicals or additives. They are beneficial to enhance sexual desire. Its black and bitter taste makes it different from other types of honey. Black honey has comparatively more nutritional components in comparison to honey with a lighter color.

What is Black Bitter Honey?
Origin of Chestnut Honey

Nutrient Composition of Black Bitter Honey

Black Bitter honey may not be known for its taste, as it is mostly bitter, but you can count it for the vast range of nutrient constituents. Some of them include sugars like maltose, sucrose, dextrose, fructose, carbohydrates, Calcium, Sodium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C, Boron, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Thiamine.

Benefits of using Black Bitter Honey

Benefits of using Black Bitter Honey

  • It is a powerful aphrodisiac

    The other name for black bitter honey is a sex booster honey which is known to boost libido and sexual energy. It is a honey type that contains a variety of rainforest herbs and royal jelly. This can be a great remedy for vulnerability, erection problems, and other sexual problems.

    Moreover, it acts as an excellent source of testosterone, therefore boosting testosterone levels. Also, if you want to increase your endurance in bed, then you could do so by increasing your energy levels. Some people have also reported increased vitality after consuming this honey type because of high levels of copper, selenium, and Zinc. The benefits are not limited to just men; women can also attain many benefits.

  • Can be used as a treatment for joint pain

    Old-age people mostly suffer from joint pain due to uric acid accumulation. However, the detox properties offered by Black Bitter Honey make it a perfect option against joint pain or arthritis because of the toxins neutralizers present. By using Black Bitter Honey, the decomposition of uric acid takes place which gets excreted out through urine.

  • It helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood

    Many complications in the human body are caused because of high cholesterol levels. One of the most common consequences of increased cholesterol levels is a heart attack. As per certain studies, researchers have said that consuming black bitter honey can lower blood cholesterol levels more quickly than any other one.

  • Best option for treating diabetes

    The high alkaloid concentration and low glucose content in Black Bitter Honey make it the suitable yet best cure for people suffering from diabetes. It helps them by lowering their blood sugar levels. Blurred vision can also be corrected by consuming this honey. Moreover, diabetic patients have experienced reduced frequency of urination at night.

  • Can be used as health supplements

    Black bitter honey, may not be for your sweet delicacies but is worthy enough because of certain nutrient contents like copper, manganese, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. These supplements are good enough to help meet our daily nutritional requirements for the body.

  • It can be used as an antibiotic

    This honey type shows broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity against both gram-negative & gram-positive bacteria, also including antibiotic-resistant (MRSA). The activity is because of the enzymatic production of H2O2 (also called hydrogen peroxide). Therefore, it can act as a powerful agent for infectious problems like colds, coughs, and sore throats.

  • Treating respiratory issues

    Black bitter honey is very effective for treating lung infections & soothing sore throat. The potential of this honey type in treating problems like asthma is quite good and helps the patient become resistant to respiratory problems & infections.

can you consume Black bitter honey to avail of medicinal benefits?

can you consume Black bitter honey to avail of medicinal benefits?

To acquire maximum benefits from Black Bitter Honey, proper instructions must be followed. Here are some of them:

  • You can consume it directly or just mix it in water for better digestion. It can be taken either before a meal or just after it.
  • Adults should and can consume this honey of about 60 grams daily, while children’s honey intake shouldn’t exceed 30 grams a day.


Black Bitter Honey and other natural aphrodisiac things have been used for centuries by different culturally rich heritages to increase stamina, fertility, and sex drive in both men & women. However, to attain the best effect, honey must be pure & organic. Moreover, this type of honey provides the best results if it is made from a mono-floral source only, like a specific species of aphrodisiac flowers. You can get the best, natural, & organic Black Bitter Honey from Geohoney.



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