Comprehensive Detailed Guide about Avocado Honey

World of honey is vast & colorful, with over hundreds varieties available across the world. For all those who are fond of trying new honey varieties, avocado honey is a nice option for them. This rare gourmet honey has become increasingly popular these days all because of its smooth flavor having a subtle hint of aroma that it offers. It has been widely used by the people in cooking & for beauty purposes as well.

What is Avocado honey?

Avocado honey is a rich, buttery variety made from the nectar of the avocado flowers. It is predominantly found in Central America, Australia and California and originates from the southern regions of Mexico. It is a rare honey variety which is loved by people because of the numerous food, health & beauty benefits that it offers.

What is Avocado honey?
Origin of  Avocado Honey

Origin of Avocado Honey

This dark-colored honey variety is mainly produced in Mexico. This is because avocado trees require a warm climate to develop & flourish. Apart from this, Avocado forests abound in mild areas across the US. A few avocado orchards are available in California and Central America. Outside the US, this dark colored honey is additionally accessible in certain areas in Australia.

How Bees Produce Avocado Honey?

Honey bees gather nectar from millions of avocado flowers and store this nectar in their honey stomach. During the summer season, avocado trees bloom alluring white flowers that attract the honey bees.

With avocado blossoms in abundance, worker bees gather enough nectar and return to their hives to transfer the collected nectar to the hive bees. They use a mouth-to-mouth transferring method to give each other the collected nectar. This process is done to reduce the water content of nectar and change it to honey.

After this process is done, honey bees store this honey into the wax cells and fan their wings to evaporate the water. This process is done to reduce the water content to as low as 20% which is later on harvested by the beekeepers and used by the bees for survival during winter months.


Properties of Avocado Honey

Among honey enthusiasts, it's obviously true that the darker the shading, the bolder the taste. This is very evident with this honey assortment. Regardless of the strong flavor, it isn't overpowering to influence the flavor of the dishes. It has been one of the well known ingredients in baking as a substitute for sugar and molasses; hence, it is a worthy kitchen staple.

Avocado honey is extremely rich in polyphenols and comes in dark amber to black color. It offers medium sweet taste with a comparable taste to molasses or sorghum, carrying a subtle and pleasant, aromatic aroma.

What Are the Benefits of Avocado Honey?

What Are the Benefits of Avocado Honey?

  • Rich Mineral Content

    One significant medical advantage of avocado honey is its rich mineral content. A recent report analyzing avocado honey's mineral substance observed that each sample had 24 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

  • Great Source of Polyphenols

    It’s a general saying that the darker the honey, the more antioxidants. Avocado honey’s bold amber-hue thus makes it a rich source of antioxidants like polyphenols. Polyphenols are a natural antioxidant found in plant foods that can neutralize damaging free radicals—protecting your cells from damage and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

    This antioxidant blend may also support the immune system, help treat neurological diseases, and aid in better digestion.

  • Provides Relief from Allergies

    People who live locally to where avocado trees grow, eating avocado honey could be beneficial in reducing the impacts of allergies to pollen.

    The trace amounts of pollen inside the honey could support the body's immune system and furnish help for those with seasonal pollen allergies. Avocado honey additionally alleviates cough & cold symptoms, which might assuage side effects like soreness in throat.

  • Assists in Proper Digestion

    Compared with different types of honey, avocado honey is normally higher in fiber. It additionally contains a few digestive enzymes, (for example, diastase and invertase) that help breakdown food and aid digestion. Generally, it's a brilliant honey to enhance the health of your digestive system.

  • Strong Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Properties

    Avocado honey contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making it a superb remedial solution for cuts, burns, minor injuries as well as internal inflammations.

    It makes a particularly lavish ingredient to use in face and hair masks. As per a study, honey poses an inhibitory effect on 60 types of microbes, including a few fungi.

    Avocado honey additionally contains peptides, vitamin E, and ascorbic acid all of which are useful for skin health. It is used as a key ingredient in numerous skin creams, lotions and masks available in the market.

  • Works As a Great Dietary Supplement

    Avocado honey is plentiful in nutrients and minerals and can be taken consistently to support your wellbeing and prevent diseases.

    Once more, honey is a superb option in contrast to refined sugars however is still high in carbohydrates and should be taken with some restraint.

    Avocado honey has an outstandingly high concentration of potassium and phosphorus, which can be valuable in little doses, however can have destructive impacts whenever taken in abundance.

How to Use Avocado Honey?

Avocado honey comes with a unique flavor that makes it a right choice to add into a variety of food items. It serves as a perfect substitute for sugar or molasses. It can be enjoyed by drizzling it over cakes, fruits and pies to give natural sweetness. Try combining virgin oil and mustard with avocado honey to give an awesome taste to salads & baked goods.

Because of its rich flavor, avocado honey can be used as a perfect glaze for grilled vegetables, pork, beef, salmon and chicken.

Does Avocado Honey Be Used for Baking Purpose?

Avocado honey is an extraordinary honey to bake with. Baking with darker honeys with more grounded flavors makes the baked goods more delicious & soft. A darker honey variety can impact the color of the baked goods, so consider that if color is important.

Does Avocado Honey Be Used for Baking Purpose?

Does Avocado Honey Tastes Like Avocado Fruits?

Another common concern is the flavor of this honey type. Avocados themselves have a difficult to-portray flavor - nutty however sort of not. Fortunately, most honey doesn't remain consistent with the flavor of the first original fruit from their tree.

We can all concur that avocado has a basically bland savor to it. On the other side, its honey is basically sweet and has a comparative taste to molasses or sorghum, with pleasant aroma. This is generally the situation with dark honey, although most others are characterized to have a bitter flavor.

Many people say that the taste of this honey has more to do with its texture since it is extremely thick and smooth. Others guarantee that there is also a touch of rich goodness in each serving of this avocado honey.

Is Avocado Honey Good to Consume Everyday?

People who are allergic to chestnut pollen shouldn't consume chestnut, honey. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women should try not to eat honey, and it should never be given to babies under one year of age. This is because of botulism spores that a newborn child's immature digestive system cannot handle.

Before consuming honey, people with diabetes, pre-diabetics, and who experience the ill effects of high or low blood pressure should talk with a specialist or dietitian.

is Avocado Honey Good to Consume
Does Avocado Honey Crystallize Quickly?

Does Avocado Honey Crystallize Quickly?

Dissimilar to other honeys, Avocado honey has a novel sugar in its structure - persitol. Researchers accept that this might be the reason it doesn't crystallize as fast as the other honey types. That might be because of the presence of persitol, which isn't found in some other kind of honey.

Generally, crystallization of honey is a natural process and isn't unsafe for the people to consume. Crystallization only increases the water content which increases the risk of fermentation.

Storing honey for a longer time may change its color & texture but it does not lose its properties and benefits.

Why is Avocado Honey a Rare Variety?

It's absolutely true, avocado honey isn't too common. The nectar of the avocado tree is plentiful in two explicit minerals: Phosphorus and Potassium. It seems like a good choice, correct? However, not for the honey bees!

As these insects scout for their next energy source, they regularly select blossoms with the perfect grouping of supplements. Studies show that honey bees regularly turn down combinations with high levels of salts, especially the two aforementioned.

Thus, the result of avocado honey is moderately low compared with different kinds, similar to acacia or orange blooms. So, when you track down a jar on the grocery store shelves, consider the dedication put in by these tiny creatures, to sum up that batch of honey.

Why is Avocado Honey a Rare Variety?


To relish the best flavors and avail all-natural benefits, it is good to buy raw avocado honey. Although buying this rare honey variety may cost extra, the health benefits that it offers are by far worth it. The slight hint of avocado and high mineral contents makes this honey variety highly popular these days. Geohoney brings 100% natural, pure & untreated avocado honey to all worldwide customers so that they can enjoy & avail the best of health benefits that it offers. Checkout our latest honey varieties and take a step closer to a healthier future.


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