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Sidr Honey ”“ Doany

Sidr honey is the honey produced by bees that depend on the small sidr flowers, when feeding, Sidr trees live for as long as a hundred year and is spread in the tropical and subtropical region. Sidr trees are also known by many other names.

As most kinds of honey, sidr honey maintains its quality for many years. The older it gets, the darker the color becomes, and its density increases. You cannot find sidr honey throughout the year, as sidr trees are only fruitful during periods of seasonal rains, which means that bees will get to feed on Sidr and produce honey during this period. This is the main reason of behind it high price.

The taste of Sidr honey is different from all other types of honey, as it is the sweetest, characterized by strength and concentration and is very rich in minerals.

Sidr Honey-Doany
Sidr Honey-Osaimi

Sidr Honey ”“ Osaimi

Osaimi Honey is the finest type of Sidr Doany Honey aforementioned earlier.

Lemon Honey

This type of honey is produced by bees that feed on flowers of citrus plants such as: lemons, oranges, and others. This honey has a white, yellowish color and is very rich in vitamins. It is an appetizer and very is useful in cases of cold and flu, especially for the treatment of insomnia and Colic. Citrus honey is very common in the Mediterranean basin and, is generally characterized by light texture. And very much the best type of honey when it is used instead of sugar as the tastes of the coffee, latte or cappuccino remains the same as when using a plain sugar.

Lemon Honey
Acacia Sumar Honey

Acacia Sumr Honey

It is one of the most expensive types of honey where the bees extract the nectar from the buds of acacia trees. This type of honey is characterized by a very dark red color (almost black) and has a pungent odor and can be stored for long periods of time: the longer the storage time, the stronger the smell and the stronger taste are. However, its color changes to black. This type of honey can be stored for three years and even longer, in a clean and dry place.

It is worth mentioning that the sumr trees have the ability to live in saline, rocky and even coastal soil. Those trees have deep roots, which reach to about 40 meters down. They, also, bear high temp temperatures and can withstand freezing temperatures at night. Honey produced thanks to this tree is different, depending on the soil where the tree is located. It is worth mentioning that Oman produces the finest type of sumr in the world.

White Honey

White honey is very rare and is considered one of the best types of honey, in quality and in nutritional value. It is characterized by its white or off-white color and it is very heavy like fat and taste sweeter than the other kinds. White honey is extracted from the flowers of the slopes of cold, high mountains such as the mountains of Russia, the mountains of Lebanon, the Himalayas and the mountains of chile and the Mountain of Ethiopia and others where such flowers do not last more than a few days or months in those cold areas. Therefore, white honey is rare yet worthy of the experience, thanks to its richness with antioxidants and its distinct taste.

White Honey is also very glutinous. It is especially useful for colon and ulcers diseases, digestive system, anemia, general weakness, diabetes, surgery, burns, hepatitis and liver cancer. It is useful in the treatment of addiction and is beneficial for pregnant women and infants.

White Honey
Kashmir Honey

Kashmiris Honey

The Kashmir Mountains sidr honey is produced by bees that only feed on the nectar of sidr tree flowers in the mountains of Kashmir, producing a type of honey that is well known for its high nutritional properties. This kind of honey contains duplicates of the amounts of antioxidants found in other types of honey, and often has a light reddish color, in several shades, depending on season.

Black Seed Honey

The color of this honey has a tendency to be yellow or red, according to the habitat of the soil. It is one of the most important medicinal types of honey. Among its benefits, we can list: healing wounds, insect bites, eczema and psoriasis. It is, also, an antiseptic and anti-intestinal worm, especially in children; it helps with menstruation and increases milk production in women. It is also useful in the treatment of asthma and strengthening the immune system, as well as in cases of prostate and colon diseases.

Black Seed Honey
Cave Honey

Cave Honey

Very rare ”“ Very expensive. And very divinely made without a touch of human being. It is made of a very rare type of bees that live in abandoned caves in almost complete darkness.

The benefits of this honey combine altogether the benefits of hundreds of kinds of honey at once. It should be mentioned that this type of honey is very expensive as quantities available are very limited internationally.

Saal Honey

Saal honey is one of the most healing rare types of honey in terms of composition, reflecting the nature of its season. It is especially useful in the treatment of Flu, Cold, bronchitis and Asthma.

It should be mentioned that this honey is very much affecting the soar and causes the same affect made by chili spices”¦ this the burning feeling of the throat lasts only for 30 minutes then it disappears with all the bacteria from the infected areas. However this honey should not be used for the little kids.

Sall Honey
Black Bitter Honey

Black Bitter Socotra Honey

A mythical and unparalleled honey in every sense of the word, coming from the native habitat of the Yemen Socotra Mountains. This type of honey is produced by very rare bees, it is called black bitter because of its color and taste yet this honey tastes very delicious and contains rare nutrients that are not found in others, which scientists are still studying to this day

This honey is very friendly with diabetic consumers and barely change their sugar daily scales. In some cases a complete heal out of diabetes were recorded on long term consumers used to consume thy bitter honey on daily basis

The organic integrated environment of Socotra Island, which is not available in many areas of the planet earth. The color of this honey is dark as most of these forests, and this type of honey is characterized by the lack of polysaccharides in it, is pollen-free and it is one of the finest types of honey in the world.

It is only available when the climate is ideal; it also requires a proper health education for aperies and the correct and appropriate methods to extract it. This honey is extracted from bees that feed on many types of the rate Socotra trees which are only found in tropical areas. Thanks to its incredible quality, it can compete among other types of honey and still come in first place, if all appropriate international standards in extracting it and bee-keeping techniques have been met.

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